CARMEN ORELLANA The Ikat technique works with 100% hand woven cotton, plant dyed (with the exception of black, which we’re working on alternatives for). The ikat textile, also known as ‘makana’, is handmade by 5th generation weaver Carmen Orellana in Bullcay, Azuay province. She was awarded the Excellence in Artisanship prize by UNESCO. Carmen was … Read more

Artisanal Processes

UPCYCLING & ZERO WASTE DESIGN Quito, Pichincha – Ecuador ​ The most sustainable material is the one that already exists. This is why our collections combine artisanally made textiles with upcycled materials. We scout them at secondhand markets in Quito, where our clothes are assembled by Hadid Vargas, Daniela Llulluna and Patricia Ninahualpa. Additionally, our … Read more

An Ongoing Experiment

April 13, 2020 ​Dear Family, We’re testing something unprecedented, as we’re living unprecedented times.  Following our wish for sustainable fashion to be financially accessible for more people, and the wish to maintain our team’s income while they work safely from home, we’ve decided to run an experiment: For a limited time (might be three days? … Read more