ESTELA CACOANGO & TRANSITO NOQUEZ All embroidery is handmade with plant dyed cotton and wool. From Angla, Imbabura. Made by Estela Cacoango and Transito Noquez. Estela is part of the founding team. She has been involved with Allpamamas since day one, as our trusted advisor and firmest believer.

Pedal loom

MATICO & PAOLA LEMA Fabrics are 100% cotton. Woven on Matico’s pedal loom in Peguche, Imbabura province. She and her daughter, Paola, run a project with indigenous Otavalo women weavers, called Huarmi Maqui, “women’s hands” in Kichwa. Since 1990, they have refused to sacrifice quality and handwork by resisting the lower prices o f their competitors. We … Read more

Upcycling & Patchwork

The most sustainable materials are the ones that already exist. That’s why we incorporate second hand textiles such as blankets, used jeans and vintage fabrics into our garments. All the materials are personally sourced by Creative Director, María, from markets and shops in Ecuador – it is one of her favorite activities! In order to … Read more

Hand spun & handwoven wool

ANDES MATERIALS Fabrics are 50% hand-spun wool, plant dyed. 50% cotton. They are woven on a pedal loom. The wool threads in these garments are hand-spun. The community in Salasaka who makes them own the entire process: from sheep to fabric. They dye the wool with elements they harvest in their own backyard. Hand-spinning wool is … Read more


CARMEN ORELLANA The Ikat technique works with 100% hand woven cotton, plant dyed (with the exception of black, which we’re working on alternatives for). The ikat textile, also known as ‘makana’, is handmade by 5th generation weaver Carmen Orellana in Bullcay, Azuay province. She was awarded the Excellence in Artisanship prize by UNESCO. Carmen was … Read more